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Wedding Couple Poses | 5 Simple and Attractive Tips

As a wedding photographer, how you pose your clients is essential. Of course, every couple has their own personality, style, and body shape. It is your job to manage poses for the wedding couple so that their excellent sides are highlighted with every image.

This is the way to create pictures that the wedding couple will love. Although everyone is built differently, there are some specific ways to pose couples. So, if your question is on how to pose clients for wedding photography, we have some answers. These ways will make them feel inspired to look their very best.

Pay Attention to The Neck and Shoulders

The neck and shoulders will affect the way pictures will come out. They could make your couple have long necks or have a double chin. Putting the chin out slightly, especially in portraits, will fix this problem.

It’ll create a definition for the face and neck. The shoulders are not left out either. Pushing them back will create a better posture, especially for the bride. It will also help with the couple’s body language for the camera.

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How To Position The Elbows And Arms

Using the arms to mimic the shape of the body is what’s best here. This way, it will not look too large in the shot. This means pulling the arms away slightly from the body. It could achieve a slimmer look. Whatever you do, please avoid cutting off your client’s arms in their pictures. If only their shoulders are visible, it could create a problem.

bride poses with her arms pulled away

Do Something with The Hands

One thing many people have a problem with during pictures is their hands. So as their wedding photographer, you have to give them something to do with it. Try to position their hands such that they are not the center of the image. That would be unflattering.

Then ask them to relax their hands and fingers. If you can use props, you should too. The wedding veil and bouquet can come in handy here. You can also have the bride hold the sides of her wedding dress. When the couple’s hands are doing something, they’ll help to make the image interesting.

wedding couple pose

Show The Couple How to Pose

This is a simple trick that will make the photo session lively and fun. It will also serve to help boost the confidence of your clients and will result in fun wedding couple poses. Most times, the last time people take professional pictures before their wedding is during high school.

That leaves a lot of years in between, and they become quite nervous. Jumping in to show them precisely what you want them to do helps. It’ll show you can be trusted to know what you’re doing and help them relax. Your clients can now have confidence in the pose you suggested.

wedding couple fun pose

Create Lines for Interest

Lines of interest create intrigue in the images that you capture. Stiff poses impact the photos and could make them come out in an unsatisfactory way. Make sure that your client’s body parts flow when you pose them for their wedding pictures. Posing them right will give confidence and make the poses more natural. This will shine through the photos and make things more interesting.

As you focus on each part of the body, create lines and intrigue for the image. If your clients have stiff poses, the overall impact of the photos may suffer. When you pose your clients, their body parts should flow together.

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