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Useful Wedding Favors for Every Budget

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Finding ideas for perfect wedding favors for your celebration is no mean task. But with a little help from our wedding experts, you should be well on your way to choosing the right options. In that light, here are some useful wedding favor ideas that your guests will thank you for.

Personalized Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer wedding favor

Hand sanitizers are a thoughtful and essential gift in this pandemic. Your wedding guest can keep safe using those sanitizers. They are also a great idea because your guests can use them right from your wedding. The personalization will remind your guests of you and your beautiful celebration when they use the sanitizers after your wedding.


wedding giveaway treat

A survey on wedding favors has proven that one of the most loved wedding giveaways are edible ones. So, send your guests home with these sweet treats to thank them for coming to celebrate with you. They’ll help to satisfy your guest’s sweet tooth or could even be a treat for a little loved one at home.

Mini Soaps

mini soap gifts

Another gift perfect for these trying times, mini soap bars are a fantastic wedding favor option for your wedding. Your guests can put them in their guest bathrooms for visitors and use them at home too. These particular bars are useful as they are handmade. That means no two of these soaps are the same. They are also made with ingredients that are great for the skin while keeping the environment safe. They’re perfect favors for an ecofriendly wedding.

Bottle Openers

bottle opener

Bottle Openers are a practical wedding favor for guests. They’re perfect for when your guests have company over to share a few beers. They also work when it’s just them taking a relaxing drink after a long day. An opener that gives them a beautiful memory of you and your celebration at such a time is priceless. And you can get them from Amazon in bulk for good price.

Message Bottle Favors

message bottle wedding favor

If you have an intimate wedding celebration, this is the perfect wedding thank you gifts to go for. Rather than have to send your guests thank you letters at a later date, you can do so with these. Put in a special thank you note for each of your loved ones in this message bottle. The bottles can also add character to your wedding décor in the meantime.

Personalized Coasters

wedding favor coaster

Everyone who has a lovely home requires coasters. You can never have too many of them. Sending your guests home with personalized wedding favors like this will ensure that you are remembered whenever they are in use. Practical wedding favors are always a hit with wedding guests.

Wood Candle

candle for guests

These candles are aesthetic and will bring life to your guest’s home décor. You can bet that they’ll be lighted up for special occasions. They’ll enhance the atmosphere at your guests’ home, and you’ll be remembered fondly when they are in use.


coffee wedding favor for guests

You can never go wrong when it comes to giving coffee as a wedding favor. Everyone enjoys the pick-me-up this beverage affords on a dreary morning. In fact, most people can’t get started on the day without their cup of liquid courage (Coffee). So, sending your guests home with coffee as a wedding favor would be pretty thoughtful.


shawl for wedding guests

Shawls are a lovely addition to most fall and winter dressings. They come with a touch of class and elegance. If you’re having your wedding in the winter or the fall, this is a lovely season-themed wedding favor you should consider. Your guests can even use them if it starts to get too chilly as the evening of your wedding day approaches.


personalized magnets

Invest in your loved one’s kitchen by gifting them these magnets as wedding souvenirs. They’re perfect for holding up a beloved child’s stick drawings on the fridge or an important message. They’ll also help to improve the aesthetics of their kitchen with its lovely design.

Seed Favor Bag

seed favors

These bags are a great idea to hold everything from seeds to other wedding favors at your wedding. They can be personalized and are pretty portable, so they’ll not be left behind. Put in your seed wedding favors or even bridal shower favors in this bag for the perfect etsy wedding party favors.

Himalayan Salt

Bath Salt favors for guests

Bath salts are an attractive investment in your guest’s relaxation after your wedding. Once they get home, they can relax and soak with this thoughtful and practical wedding favor. The idea is very unique. 

Mini Succulent

mini succelent

Mini succulents are great wedding favors for a garden-themed, eco-friendly, and boho chic wedding. They fit in perfectly with these themes and will remind your guests of the fun time they had at your celebration. Sending your guests home with a favor like this also beautifully symbolizes you both starting a new life together.

Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate

Sending your guests home with comfort food like hot chocolate is one of the best things you could do. For starters, edible wedding favors are always a good idea. They are a favorite amongst guests. Chocolate is also a favorite amongst many people, so you can be sure that your gift will be well received.

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