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How to Prepare for a Wedding Photography

Preparing for wedding photography can be quite tasking. It can be even more challenging if this would be your first wedding. As a photographer, you are aware that this could make or mar your career. It could be the definition of success for you. As such, you need to prepare adequately. 

So, how does preparation look? How can you, as a photographer, prepare adequately for a wedding? You’ll find the answers in this article, which we’ve put down specifically for you. Every wedding photographer started from one point, and we believe the right kind of advice can help you. So here are some tips for preparing for wedding photography. They’ll help you cover essential preparations for a successful wedding shoot.

  • Research

Start with articles and tips just like you are doing. Also, download and read as many books as you can. They’ll give you the information you need to get started. Following other great wedding photographers on social media could also land you a vital tip or two.

  • Know Your Couple’s Style

The key to successful wedding photography is knowing how to incorporate the couple’s style into the shoot. You can only do so by knowing their style in the first place. So, what comes across when you communicate with this couple? Are they contemporary or traditional? What are their favorite colors? You could also ask the couple to send you magazine clips or Pinterest boards showing ideas that they love.

  • Create A Wedding Timeline

During one of the prewedding meetings, speak with the couple about the schedule for the wedding shoot. It should include wedding preparations, couple portraits, wedding party portraits, family portraits, and more. If you feel you might need some extra time, please make allowances for that. You don’t want to end up rushed or under pressure.

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  • Keep in Touch

Apart from having the couple’s contacts, you’ll need the following people’s contacts on the wedding day: The wedding coordinator, best man, and maid of honor. That way, you can be contacted or reach out to them if there are any changes. It’ll also be useful if you need to find anyone for a photoshoot.

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  • Don’t Work Alone

If this is your very first shoot, at the very least, you’ll need an assistant. That way, you can have someone keep you on schedule, manage some people where required and keep track of your shot list. They’ll also help you carry the necessary equipment and even answer your phone when needed.

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  • And Speaking of Shot Lists

You’re going to need one for your wedding photography. This list should contain all the particular shots that the couple needs and those you intend to add yourself. It is easier to plan this ahead of time than try to remember what was required on that day. A shot list will make sure you capture everything.

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  • Scout Ahead

The more familiar you are with the wedding venue, the easier it will be for you to capture fantastic images there. So, if you can visit way before the wedding, go ahead and do so. If not, try to arrive at least an hour before you start shooting. Then you can map out the direction you want to take and how the lighting works.

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  • Go Forth and Capture Awesome Pictures

Keep in mind that a wedding day can’t go completely hitch-free. The more adaptable you are, the easier things will be for you. Try your best to be the voice of calm and reason throughout the entire day. You’ll discover the couple will love being around you, leading to more relaxed and better pictures.

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