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Small Touches to Make Wedding Guests Comfortable

Although your wedding is about devotion and love with your new spouse, the truth is that it is essential to be a good host make your wedding guests comfortable. Depending on the type of festivity you have, it may be helpful to include these factors to increase the comfort level of your guests.

Protection from Extreme Weather

If you are getting married outside on a hot day, we will suggest you do each and everything that you should consider doing to make your guests feel more comfortable. The most unique idea is to have a “Welcome” desk with drinks or just organize the set where your visitors can top up their drinks during your ceremony. You should ensure that the guests stay hydrated to avoid any issues that could happen if they get too hot. You should also think about getting your guests things like mini fans, parasols, and even small things of sunscreen to ensure that they are sheltered from the hot sun. These are small but useful activities that your guests will adore and appreciate.

If it’s a cold day, there are also things that you should do to create a comfortable environment. We suggest you offer blankets to your guests and even outdoor heaters to make sure that they are sufficiently warm. In fact, blankets are a first-class idea in cold weather so that they can warm up. You can offer hot beverages to refill themselves when needed.

Comfortable seating:

In the time of dancing, your guests are most likely to want a seat to rest on for five minutes or so. It means that you should make sure that you a) have sufficient seats for your invited guests and b) select the seating that is easy and comfortable for both elderly and young guests. The secret behind this is that if you pick the right chairs for your guests, you can increase the decoration for your wedding venue too.

Wedding guests chairs

Food and Drink

This is one of the leading elements of your wedding. Therefore creating the right menu can be challenging, because you may have guests at your wedding with dieting restrictions or suffer from food allergies. To make everyone’s care it is best to create a menu with a variety of options.

Create the right atmosphere: you can expertly craft the atmosphere by including simple touches to your wedding decorations: such as illuminating candles, tea lights, pillars, tapers, and votives. These flickering flames will give your wedding function a beautiful ambiance. Allow your guests to intermingle with these stunning lights on the reception table.

Choose where you place your guests wisely:

This is a simple way to make your guests feel comfortable. Place each guest with those guests that they are familiar with.

Funny activities

Of course, nobody says no to good music, right? Try to add activities in your wedding for the guests entertainment. Add a dance sequence like chicken dance or Gangnam style! This will take them out of their seats. You can hire an entertainer to help add even more atmosphere to your party. And never forget the kids; the youngest guests want fun too!

The little details:

An ingenious sign, the placement of flowers, the colors of the invitations, and every small detail will delight your guest. That will make sure that they take great memories from this day.


Perhaps your guests didn’t help you organize your wedding. But they did took out time to be with you on your day. They all deserve recognition for sharing such an important day with you. No one is asking you to do something cumbersome: just going to their table and spending a moment with them will be more than enough.

You can do these little things to make your guest feel super special

Welcome bags: Serve Welcome bags to each guest, it may contain snacks, water, and hangover cures.

Parasols: In case of sunny day, make sure to place parasols to increase the comfort level of your guests.

Fan: To keep everyone cool in hot weather, make sure to arrange the fans for guests

Flip-flops:  provide flip-flops to those who want to dance at your reception.

Bug spray: depending on your venue location, you should ensure the availability of bug spray.

Blankets: in case of chilly weather or windy environment, provide blankets to each guest.

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