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Non-Traditional Wedding Guest Book Ideas in 2021

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Having a wedding guest book at your celebration is optional, but it has a lot of advantages. So why would you not want to have one? It’s a great way for your guests to show they love you and they could send you amazing sweet messages as they celebrate you.

Your wedding guest book is also a way of knowing who showed up. That way, you can personally send them a thank you card after your wedding. All you have to do is look in the guest book and pick out their names.

We’ve come a long way from when the wedding guest book was just an enormous book where everyone put down their names. Now, we see unique wedding guest book ideas all the time. These creative wedding guest sign in ideas have taken the wedding world by storm and you should consider them for your wedding. 

Frame Wedding Guest Book Sign

This lovely frame comes in many letters and is beautifully stained and personalized with the couple’s names. It makes an impressive addition to your guest table and your guest will love leaving their cute little messages on it. It’s perfect for a small wedding and is just the perfect size for all your guests to leave their good wishes without having too much space left.

3D Guest Book Wood Tree of Hearts

3D leaves guest book

This unique guest book is perfect for couples who are having a romantic wedding. It stays in theme with your weddings and your guests will be delighted to leave their messages in hearts. The symbolism with the two trees of hearts and the couple’s names is just perfect.

Puzzle Guest Book Sign In

puzzle guest book tree

Let your guests add their good wishes for you to a puzzle spread out at your welcome table. This idea is unique and playful. The best part is that you can hang this up in your new home to remind you of your special celebration.

Custom Name Drop Box

Name drop box for guests

Have your guests walk in, write their names on little hearts and drop it in this box. There is nothing cuter than this, and it would be perfect for a romantic wedding. The wooden details would also make it perfect for a rustic outdoor wedding.

Traditional Guest Book with Leaves

traditional wedding guest book

This guest book is a personalized twist on the wedding guest book because it’s customized. It can include your names and wedding date. We also love the leaves and the fact that it is available in multiple colors so you can find one to fit your wedding’s color scheme.

A2 Signature Tree

Guest signature tree

Have your guests sign out their names in this lovely family tree which can be customised. Your names and wedding date will be added, of course. This guest book is perfect for a garden wedding and an outdoor rustic wedding too. You can frame up the tree after your celebration.

Custom Night Sky Guest Book

night sky guest book

The beauty of this unique idea will add to your welcome table is perfect. The star map plotted is beautiful and your guests can send their cute message around just like this. You can also frame and hang this up after your wedding.

Wooden Box with 60 hearts

wooden box with hearts for guests

Are you having a romantic and rustic outdoor wedding, then this is the perfect guest book for you. It is unique and a departure from the norm. Your guests will love it writing down their names on the little hearts and then putting it in the box. You can use the box to keep things like jewelry or even your Christmas ornaments after. 

Wedding Peg and String Frame Guest Book

wedding peg guest book

This is another unique idea, perfect for a rustic wedding, preferably in the fall. Have your guest pin up their lovely messages and say their thanks with this guest book. It’ll be a perfect addition to your rustic wedding décor. You can use it to display photos during other family milestones, too.

Wedding Jenga Guest Book

wedding jenga guest book

This fun idea is perfect for a relaxed and fun wedding. Have your guest play a beautiful Jenga balance game as they wish you the best and let you know they were at your wedding. Long after your wedding, this game will remain a beautiful addition to your game night.

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