6 Best Night Time Wedding Photography Tips

According to my experience, the most romantic and ground-breaking wedding photography happens in the night time.  But the night shoot is considered as the most challenging task at an event. 

In the day you will see a wide range of colors. While at night, there are less colors. So, both of them are totally different from each other.

Without expertise, knowledge of equipment, arrangement, and planning, missing even one of them can ruin your whole event. In my opinion, low light photography is more technical rather than difficult. During a night shoot, you have to keep things in mind like the artificial lighting temperature, faded shades in the surroundings, and difficulty in focusing the object can affect your photography.

To assist you more through any issues that emerge during the shoot, below are the 6 best nighttime wedding photography tips which improve your portrait.

Exceed client’s expectation

If you are dealing with the clients, you have to clearly explain what you can provide and what you can’t provide. In other words, don’t promise what you can’t give; it will damage your repo. Try to push your limits by giving something to a client that he/ she was not expecting.

Pro-tip: Ensure that your client understands that he/she won’t get the epic wedding shoot until the ceremony ended to post them on social media.

Adjust your camera settings for low-light weddings

If you want to become the master of night portrait, make ISO your best friend forever. Figuring out how to adjust your high ISO will help you enormously in capturing pictures in the evening time. The key to success is to get used to high ISO. Once you master it, you can easily capture sharp portraits, but if you don’t use it carefully, your picture has a digital noise. Practice makes a man perfect, so don’t worry.

ISO setting for low light photography

Play with flashlight

Not only in a wedding shoot, but the light also varies in every event. So, prepare for the worst. Always bring alternative as well as necessary equipment in your backpack. Particularly for night time wedding photography, the lighting is low, but you can adjust it using a flashlight or other lighting equipment. In other words, you can create your own artificial atmosphere by using a flashlight as it allows you to bounce in any direction.

night wedding dance

Pro-Tip: To mimic and adequately utilize the light resources, place your camera near location lighting but ensure that they are not very powerful.

Try various angles

Sometimes things that look good in the daytime may not look good at night. The same goes for the night. What looks good after dark may not be suitable for the morning. Always try new angles and pose, don’t get afraid. If you do that, it will hit your creativity, and you will never become a professional photographer.

different angle

Pro-Tip: Use wide angles as it will minimize the shaking of hands. Also, you will get soft exposure. Try to take undue credit from the light resource such as buildings or grasses.

Use backlight for night time photo shoot

There may not be sufficient natural light during the wedding shoot to enlighten the lady and man of the hour. Usually, such places have a Gazebo or other lighting equipment for the couple—this something you can use for your own benefit. Think a scene you are shooting has an on-camera flash, and off camera flash in the background means best night shoot.

Carefully use autofocus

Most of us rely on autofocus, which is good but not in low light. The reason behind this is our cameras are not as fast as they used to. Therefore, in such situations, using locking focus will help you capture the frame with precise sharpness.

Night Wedding picture of couple

Why should you include the night time wedding shoot in your album?

There are various reasons to do this. Most importantly, it’s precious to your customers. I have never heard from a single couple; they did not want a night shoot. Maybe it takes time and energy but trusts me, you will take their breath away. I’m confident now, plenty of couples have seen an illuminated night shot in my portfolio and are likely anticipating something like that for their wedding. So, the client is always the boss. You can’t disappoint them.

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