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Must Have Pictures to Include in Wedding Album

Finished with wedding celebrations and back to “normal” life. Wait! Don’t forget about the wedding album. Selecting pictures to include in the wedding album can be overwhelming, when you have to look through hundreds of pictures. The photographer will click away all the moments. Be ready to sift through pictures and finalizing them for the album.

A wedding album is collection of memories. Something that will be cherished by yourself and your friends and family. The photographers sometimes have their checklist on which pictures to capture. When the photographer gives you soft copy, it may include 3000 pictures. So you need to make sure that it captures the essence of your dream day for the people who couldn’t attend your wedding. They will be seeing them for the first time. Keeping this in mind, you can determine which pictures should be included in your wedding album.

We think that choosing pictures for wedding album is part of wedding journey. You sit with your spouse, look over pictures and reminisce about those moments. When choosing pictures, keep in mind that your wedding album is telling a story of your special day. So it should include key moments arranged chronologically. Your pictures should set the scene.

Best Wedding Album Layout:

wedding album cover photo

Your wedding album should be a piece of art. Gone are the days when people used to stand in front of camera and wait for photographer to tell them to smile. Professional wedding photographers know how to capture the essence of the moment. After that it’s your job to finalize them for your album. Of course, you can take photographer’s advice because they know what they captured and how it should be portrayed in the album. We have summarized a layout for you which simplify the process of “pictures to include in wedding album”.

Personalized Album Cover:

personalized cover

We suggest that your wedding album should match the theme of your wedding. It can be as simple as matching your wedding colors. Also go for a personalized album cover. It can be your favorite picture as a couple. You can also place your album on your coffee table as part of décor.



Start your album with a quotation. It can be related to theme of wedding or a snippet of your wedding vows. It looks elegant and most importantly romantic. Or you can your wedding date also. It’s totally up to you.

Behind the scene:

BTS wedding pictures

Start with few behind the scenes photos. For example, bride’s gown, bridesmaids getting ready, groomsmen having a drink, wedding venue being set up. These pictures are very emotional and will the mood for oncoming pictures.

First Look of Wedding Day:

first look

Never forget to add “first look” picture. The raw capture of that precious moment will never be forgotten by the couple. Whenever they’ll look at this picture, it will transform them back to that moment where their heart filled with wonder and love.  

The Descriptive Page:

descriptive photos

Now comes the part where you have to select pictures of main event. You can add bride walking down the aisle to exchanging the rings, the first kiss and then the portraits of newlyweds. Also choose one special picture that can span the whole page. You can also give a black and white touch to one of them. Remember, less is more. Tell a story. Don’t clutter.

Group Pictures:

wedding group pictures

Inform your photographer about close friends and families’ pictures that you want included in the album. Make the group photos fun. Candid moments are the best. Don’t forget your sweet bridesmaids and groomsmen. A group picture of them is a must.

Wedding Reception:

wedding party pictures

You have invested a lot on your wedding reception. Add some pictures of reception like décor, venue without people, cake cutting ceremony, the first couple dance.

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