wedding emergency kit essentials

Wedding Emergency Kit Essentials

Being the most important day of every woman’s life when you can’t afford to be imperfect, having a wedding day emergency kit is a must. Trust me! it could save you from a nervous breakdown when handed to a trusted person. Obviously we are sure that everything will go well. But what to do if the tears of joy spoil the makeup? Or what if a slight drizzle wets the hairstyle? Do not worry about these kinds of risky situations; there is the bride’s survival kit!

All you got to do is prepare a small bag and entrust it to the bridesmaid or mother that contains everything you need to prevent and tackle small unexpected events. Let’s see together what absolutely cannot be missing.

15 Essential Items to Add in Bride’s Emergency Kit

  • Extra makeup

Your makeup artist probably will not be with you during the wedding to touch up. It’s better to bring some things from your makeup like powder, concealer, eyeliner, and mascara should be the main ones in this emergency kit.

  • Disposable tissues

It is your wedding, clearly, you are going to shed a tear or two. No doubt, tissues will be one of the most important things in your wedding emergency kit. Therefore it is best to have a tissue on hand to avoid all makeup running.

  • Wet wipes

Like the previous point, wet towels are a lifesaver. The weather, the nerves, and the lights raise the body temperature. So there is nothing better than resorting to them, especially those free of alcohol, to cool off.

  • Lipstick

If you have chosen to rely on a professional make-up artist, it could be the only cosmetic you will need to touch up. You can bring lipstick of same shade and touch it up. It would definitely be before taking pictures and after main meals, so you always look tidy.

  • A small sewing kit

No, you don’t need to carry a giant sewing kit. Just a needle, and a few threads will be more than enough; likewise, you can choose to wear one button or another in case something gets unhooked. Therefore the replacement buttons, brooches, pins, and nurse hooks, these things always get you out of trouble.

  • First aid kit

Well yes, the truth is that you never know what you will need even on the wedding day. So you should not forget the first-aid kit with some emergency products, such as hydrogen peroxide, band-aids, and cotton.

  • Flats or tennis shoes

Surely in the middle of the wedding, you will not want to do anything but throw your heels. Look for some type of flats or tennis shoes that looks good with your bridal outfit and also allows you to rest your feet. Remember that it is your moment and during the party, you can never stop dancing. Don’t miss out on the 2021 wedding shoes that will set trends.

  •  Glue

No, this is not a joke; In fact, we are talking about that miraculous liquid that usually sticks together; even any heel that breaks.

  • Anti-stain product

Hopefully, this is something you don’t need. Still don’t forget to bring a stain remover. Currently, different brands have launched a variety of products so its easy to put them in your bag. Believe me, its the perfect solution if something happens to your wedding dress or the groom’s shirt.

  • Eye drops

It is likely that at the end of the night, between fatigue and excitement, your eyes will be a little irritated. But since it is your wedding and you have to look spectacular at all times, do not forget to bring some eye drops, as they will help you relax them and to see you fresh for much longer.

  • Bag with toiletries

Some deodorant, perfume, wipes to remove the shine from the face, and probably a toothbrush will be necessary for the wedding; and although you probably don’t have to resort to any of this, remember that it is better to be proactive and be 100% prepared for any situation that may arise.

  •  Pills

We do not know if at that moment your head or belly will hurt or you will have a little colic, so to avoid any inconvenience, you will be very well equipped with some pills to say goodbye to any type of pain.

  • Toothbrush and mints

It is not known but, the toothbrush and some mints could be important on the wedding day. These will help you to show off an enviable smile proof of a photographer!

  • Repellent

Especially if you’re having a wedding outdoors, the repellent will help keep mosquitoes and other uncomfortable insects away and prevent bites. Even more so if you suffer from any type of allergy that may affect your skin. Having it on hand will allow you to feel comfortable.

  • Mobile phone and charger

Surely on your wedding day, you will not think about the messages and calls you will receive nor about social updates, but if you have not entrusted yourself to a wedding planner, you may need your mobile phone to call the suppliers and check that everything is in order. Leave everything in a friend’s clutch bag or in your bedroom if you are celebrating in a location where you will then stay overnight so that you have it at hand if you need it.

If you have already written down everything you need, then now is the time to pack your wedding emergency kit and get ready to enjoy the best day of your life.

This kit will help you to cover any unexpected situation and focus on the phrases of love to dedicate to your boyfriend. So enjoy the party with total joy and leave happily and with the most beautiful memory of your day, to his honeymoon.

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