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8 Fabulous DIY Wedding Photo Booth Ideas in 2021

Do you want to add a fun twist to your wedding pictures? Get a photo booth (or make it yourself). Wedding photo booths are becoming modern trend and they are source of entertainment as well. A wedding photo booth is a small space that can be decorated according your theme. Guests can take pictures with or without the wedding couple. While you are mingling with your relatives, your friends at the back can have a blast taking photos of themselves. Your guests don’t have to be formal there. They can be funny, relaxed, posing in some unique manner.

There are two benefits of arranging a photo booth at your wedding. Firstly, everyone can go home with a memorable memento from your wedding. Secondly, they are great additions to your wedding album. Not to mention, it reduces load from photographer’s shoulders to think of hundreds of poses for all.

While these booths are hit, they make take up a chunk out of your wedding budget. So there is option of “doing it yourself”. It’s not that difficult. You just have to be creative. We have rounded up 8 best and easy ideas for DIY wedding photo booths.  

Classic Booth

Classic photo booth is the one that we all remember. Everyone likes tradition. There is no need to explain to people how it works. Everyone can get their close-up potraits.

DIY Curtain Photo Booth

These types of booth indicate royalty, romance, and peace. In the case of outdoor wedding like beach or garden, you can use the sea or trees as your background. Visit a fabric store and get some curtains that goes with your wedding theme. This booth idea is very simple and will give elegant look.

couple infront of curtian booth

Fun Props Photo Booth

You can create some fun memories and photos with photo booth props designed for weddings. The guests can pick one or two and pose without being too formal. Your pictures will turn out great with these colorful props.

Different Fixed Frames:

You can use an outsized decorative wooden frame. It’s perfect for posing in. You can later on hang it in your home.

frame booth

Polaroid Photo Booth

Everybody loves polaroid pictures. You can place the camera with your wedding guest book. They’ll take their picture, write some cute note for you and place it in the book. You can also make it a booth by taking a white frame and handing it over to guest to take their pictures.

Speech Bubbles

Props like speed bubbles add a word to the silent picture. They have cute and funny words for bride and groom mostly. You can make it yourself. Its that easy.

photo booth idea

Aerial Shoots

A unique way to take photos is to change perspective. Use a drone with camera. Everyone can pose or be themselves while the drone hovering over the ground captures everything. It’s also a good way to take natural shots of the people and even the décor.

Aerial shoot idea

Hashtag Wedding

Wedding photo booths are part and parcel of a great atmosphere for the couple, family, and the entire friend. One of the newest and trendy alternative to photo booth is creating Instagram hashtags. Think of a wedding hashtag and tell everyone to post their pictures on Instagram using this. This way everyone can view the pictures of that day in real time.  

hashtag wedding

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